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Developer Education

We help your devs to get up-to-speed quickly

Grow your knowledge by learning from the best: We help you by organizing cool developer events, professional in-depth trainings and free to attend meetups.

How do you want to learn?

Classroom trainings

We organize open subscription training in The Netherlands and the UK. Ideal if only 1 to 3 developers of your team need to be trained.

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In house training

Do you have a bigger team? We are happy to come over to your place and train your people on the spot at your office for one or more days.

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Remote training

Via online sessions with Zoom or Google Hangout, we can educate you and your team on all the topics you need. The pace is set by you.

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Yireo classrooms in The Netherlands & the UK

Yireo has a long record of offering classroom-based training in The Netherlands and the UK: Every quarter or so, new trainings are scheduled in our agenda, to which you can subscribe. The prices are low - much lower than with competitors - so it is a smart investment. And don't be fooled by the low price: Yireo training is fast and to the point. Everybody returns home dead-tired, full of tips and tricks and satisfied.

Every training follows a strict pattern following our course materials (of which everyone receives a copy), while there is still plenty of room for questions and debate. Our classroom training is ideal for one to three of your developers. Classrooms tend to fill up to 3-8 people and we have a maximum of 10 to guarantee everyone gets enough attention.

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A custom training at your place and your pace

We can easily make our way from The Netherlands over to your location to help you get your team up-to-date. The Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Europe, it is no issue. A training typically takes multiple days on a specific topic or a variety of topics. And it could follow one of the existing Yireo trainings or it could be following a list of topics of your choice.

An in-house training is normally put together by discussing the issues at play first: There is a business need with technical aspects, which leads to a listing of topics to be dealt with. From this, we can put together a training program, determining how many people should attend, how much time should be spent on the topics. A price and a date is determined and then we are good to go.

Yireo has trained numerous companies this way and still is helping them embrace new technology. Consider our training to be a partnership of which we both benefit.

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Partner up via a Yireo Educational Subscription

As an agency, you constantly need to adapt to the ever-changing technology stack. This involves more than just a training so-now-and-then. A regular training program might be more relevant. But this could proof to be expensive. This is where our Yireo Educational Subscriptions come in: By working together, we need to spend less on acquisition and you are guaranteed a continuous stream of knowledge.

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Remote training via online tools

Instead of on-site training, you can also opt for online training instead: Via Zoom, Skype or Google Hangout, we can setup an online conference room to go through topics of your choice. Our experience

There is also the option for a combination with an in-house training: An in-person meeting builds a team between teacher and trainees, so that online meetings benefit from the mutual understanding. Call it blended learning - we are simply trying to combine those methods, so your team is trained in the most efficient way.

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