Magento Testing Training

Live training in Nederland - September 2024

Iedereen maakt fouten. Met tests (zoals unit-tests en integration tests) zorg je ervoor dat ze niet in je gezicht ontploffen. Deze training geeft je de juiste stimulans om de praktijk van het testen in je dagelijks leven toe te passen.

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Newcomers can be trained via our academies (weeks on an end) or separate masterclasses. Or you can take your pick from our on-demand video portfolio (with up to 100 hours of videos). And we are here to help you with events, unconferences, hackathons and meetups.

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Yireo opent technologieën voor jou

Wij doen het onderzoek, de proeven en de experimenten. Jij doet de rest.

Onze slogan en missie is al vele jaren "Opening Up Technologies" en het is nog steeds 100% accuraat: We zijn nerds, we houden van open source en we zijn gepassioneerd om je te helpen de juiste tools te gebruiken.

What we do with Yireo

We are busy bees. Education is our core business. But from there, we are active with numerous other projects. Here is what we do.


On-site or remote training to crank up your knowledge
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Pre-recorded training videos to help you get started quickly
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Playing with code in an unrestricted way
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Large scale events like MageTestFest, Reacticon and MageUnconference
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Open source extensions to help out developers build shops
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Developer aid

Help out developers with guidance and certification preparation
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