Use the following steps to download and install your Yireo Delete-Any-Order module.

Downloading your module

The module is available as a downloadable product in our shop. First, you will need to login to the Yireo-site by clicking on Member Login in the topbar. Your login is based on an email-address as username and a password of your choice.

Once you're logged in, you are redirected to your account. This is also accessible at any time under Member Account. On the left hand-side there should be a little menu with account settings, including a link Downloads. That link will allow you to download all your purchased products including the Yireo Delete-Any-Order module.

If the Yireo Delete-Any-Order module is not in the list, you either did not purchase this product or something went wrong with the payment. It sometimes happens that your payment remains pending in our system, even if the payment was completed correctly by yourself. If this happens and within 24 hours nothing has changed the status, send us a mail at and we will either fix the payment-status or send you the installation-file by mail.

Installation: No MagentoConnect package

Yireo Delete-Any-Order is not available through MagentoConnect but needs to be installed manually by unzipping the necessary files into your Magento directory

Yireo Delete-Any-Order is a commercial module and as the current setup of the MagentoConnect website does not offer an installation method for this type of modules, the installation is manual. The content of the ZIP-file you downloaded need to be placed on the webserver in the directory where Magento is installed. This should be done either through SSH, FTP or some other kind of file manager that allows to your Magento site.

Installation: Extracting files

Using SSH or some kind of file manager, you can upload the ZIP-file and extract the ZIP-file on the webserver itself. In other cases, you need to extract the ZIP-file on your local machine and next upload all (!) files and directories to the Magento root.

Make sure the contents of the ZIP-file are uploaded to the root of the Magento site. The ZIP-file contains a folder app which should be copied to the root of Magento, which also contains a folder app. All files in the ZIP-file need to be copied to your Magento root. The actual module has files in both the default backend theme (app/design/adminhtml) as the community code-directory (app/code/community).


Installation: Clear the cache

After this, make sure you clean the Configuration Cache in Magento, so the manually installed Yireo Delete-Any-Order module becomes available.

Reviewing the installation

Once the contents of the ZIP-file are placed within the Magento root, the Yireo Delete-Any-Order module should become available under System > Tools > Delete Any Order. An overview allows you to search for specific orders.

Before continuing to the actual usage of the module, we highly recommend you prepare a backup of the database. Also you should be familiar with the procedure of how to actually restore the database from this backup.


If the Delete Any Order menulink is not available under System > Tools or a 404 Not Found page is being displayed when following the link, make sure you have copied the files to the right directory (see above).

Resource permissions: Every backend-user is assigned certain privileges. If you have create a custom role, this role does not include permissions of new modules like Delete-Any-Order. You need to modify the roles resources to include the new permissions.

File permissions: Another common problem is file permissions. Make sure the permissions and the ownership of the new files match the permissions and ownerships of the other Magento files. World-writable permissions (666 or 777) are a bad idea anyway, but other permissions might also cause problems in so-called CGI-environments.

Third party modules: There are other third party Magento modules thay modify the Magento URL-system. To fix this problem you can ask our help, but one of our first questions will be to disable other third party modules one by one to see if the problem is related to that.

Quick steps for troubleshooting

  • Make sure the patch is applied and the directories mentioned above do exist
  • Make sure to flush the Magento cache
  • If you have enabled the Magento Compiler, make sure you rebuild the compiled classes
  • Make sure your Administrator Role has enough permissions to access the new Delete-Any-Ordere resources
  • Make sure all Magento files have the right file-permissions


If you encounter some other kind of problem (like PHP Fatal Errors, blank pages or SQL errors), feel free to post your problem on the Yireo Forum. We recommend to use the forum instead of email, because with the forum your problem can be shared with other customers as well. Personal information like Magento access details should of course only be sent by mail, and not posted on the forum.

Posted on October 14, 2009

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Author Jisse Reitsma

Jisse Reitsma is the founder of Yireo, extension developer, developer trainer and 3x Magento Master. His passion is for technology and open source. And he loves talking as well.

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